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Tulsa TechFest 2012

Tulsa TechFest is the premier technical conference in eastern Oklahoma, boasting “the broadest topics in the United States, maybe the world”. Sporting a healthy 18 separate tracks across multiple disciplines including  architecture, software and web development, databases, project management, security, social media, mobile, enterpreneurs, managers, BI & reporting, mentoring and even  a special Windows 8 Track, Tulsa TechFest is one of the largest events of its kind.

It’s primary focus is to provide training/teaching sessions that are immediately beneficial to the broadest range of IT professionals in their day-to-day jobs. They accomplish this with over 40 national/international speakers covering this wide range of topics over 90 to 120 75 minute sessions.

As with all conferences of this type, there is a cost associated with attending.  This year, in keeping with the traditions of the previous 4 years, attendance at the Tulsa TechFest will require you to pay your choice of $2, to be donated to the John 3:16 Mission, or 2 cans of food, to be donated to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. Last year, the event collected 469 pounds of food, and our target this year is to DOUBLE that amount, so please bring whatever you can to support these worthwhile charities.

This is the one that started it all, folks – since their first event, many other communities have been following our example by hosting their own TechFest events including VancouverTechFest, HoustonTechFest, DallasTechFest, AlbertaTechFest, IndyTechFest, and NWA TechFest.

I myself will be featured in the Cloud track talking about Windows Azure, including deep dive sessions on Windows Azure Caching, Access Control Service, Service Bus and Windows Azure Mobile Services.

This is one event you *won’t* want to miss – so sign up today at!

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Looking for a User Group?

Then I know the place to go!

For a while now, I’ve been maintaining a list of User Groups that meet in my part of the world – TX, OK, LA and AR.  It’s not a comprehensive list (at least I’m pretty sure it’s not) but I’d like it to be.  It’s essentially a listing of all the user groups I know about, or have heard rumors about that I can find online in my four-state area.  Not to be confused with Community Megaphone, this site is not about events or meetings – it’s about groups.  And, it’s not just about .NET groups – it’s about any technical community user group that meets. There are .NET/Microsoft-friendly groups for sure, but also Linux groups, PHP groups, Node.JS groups, iOS groups, Android groups and others too.

Where do you find it? 


Current features include:

  • Monthly calendar of events showing all user groups
  • Listing of all user groups, by state
  • Details on each user group including meeting location w/ map, upcoming meeting dates/times, group contact and recurring schedule information
  • Map of all user groups

Planned features include:

  • API for querying groups
  • iCal support for one group, some groups, or all groups
  • Blog/Website badges for one group, some groups, or all groups
  • Support for more complex meeting schedules
  • Integration with CommunityMegaphone (presuming I can do some sort of match on user group name, or something)

Apart from these features, and a bit of a face-lift, the new site needs more data! If you know about any groups in your area that are NOT on my list, please drop me a line at with at least the following info:

  1. Group Name
  2. Website
  3. Meeting Day (e.g. 3rd Monday, or 2nd Thursday)
  4. Meeting Times (start/stop)
  5. Contact Name / Email
  6. Meeting Location Name & Address (+phone, if you have it).

Me and my crack team of data entry clerks (a.k.a. my daughter) will get this information posted just as fast as we can. Also, if you see any data errors, especially meeting times/nights – please also let me know that ASAP and I’ll get that fixed up.

Lastly, if you’re interested in helping out with any of the planned changes, or making it look more pleasing than the default template from MVC 4, I’d love to get your help…

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Tulsa TechFest 2012

The conference season is really heating up!  I’ve just submitted a few sessions to Tulsa TechFest 2012 – so mark your calendars and sign up today!

When:  Friday, Oct 12, 2012
Where:OSU Tulsa Campus
How Much: $2 bucks, or 2 cans of food (donated to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma)

David and company put on a great event every year – it’s got to be at least 8 years old now, and going as strong as ever! Make sure you sign up today, and tell all your friends about it!

Be sure to follow Tulsa TechFest on all the major networks:

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn


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Tulsa TechFest 2012


When: Friday, Oct 12, 2012

Where: OSU-Tulsa at  700 North Greenwood Avenue

Just got confirmation that I’ve been asked to speak at Tulsa TechFest 2012! This year marks the 7th consecutive year of this premier community conference – the TechFest that started them all!  Will upwards of 1000 people attending, Tulsa TechFest is one of THE most important conferences you’ll attend this year. It will be my 5th consecutive appearance and I can’t wait to attend!

  • Looking for great technical content with no fluff?
  • Looking for awesome training without paying an arm and a leg?
  • Looking for a broad selection of technical, developer, designer and project management topics?
  • Eager to visit beautiful Tulsa, OK?

Well, I’m certainly one who enjoys the first three, and the last one is growing on me 🙂

Tulsa TechFest will be held onFriday, Oct 12th, 2012 at the OSU-Tulsa campus on 700 North Greenwood Avenue.  The price to enter is simple – $2 at the door or 2 cans of food for the Community FoodBank of Eastern Oklahoma.

Tulsa TechFest 2012 – be there or be square!

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Tulsa School of Dev 2012

I’m running a Windows Phone Hackathon at Tulsa School of Dev on Friday, April 13th – check this out and sign up today at

Dream It. Build It. Take Home the Experience.
The power to build smart, visually stunning games and applications is right in the palm of your hands with Windows Phone. Join us at Tulsa School of Dev for a hands-on workshop featuring one-on-one proctoring from Microsoft and community experts to help you get your app built and published in the Windows Phone Marketplace. It’s the perfect opportunity to design and implement that cool new app you’ve been dreaming about, so bring your ideas and get ready to code.

But that’s not all!

Attendees will also receive a token to register for free for the Windows Phone Marketplace as well as a cool Windows Phone t-shirt just for attending our event! That’s a $120 value – yours FREE with our thanks for attending.

But wait – there’s more!

Attendees that successfully submit 1 application to the Windows Phone marketplace on Friday, April 13th or 3 applications before Friday, April 20th will receive a BRAND NEW WINDOWS PHONE! Just send us links to the submitted applications (we’ll show you how) to qualify you for this giveaway. Applications must be net-new applications (not updates to exiting apps) and submitted between April 13th and April 2oth to qualify (offer not available to Government or Microsoft employees, or their dependents).

So – you want a brand new Windows Phone? Build me some apps and you’ll go home with one…

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Database for Mango

Here are the slides and source code from my talk this morning at Tulsa TechFest on using databases on Windows Phone. I will be writing up a longer technical post to go along with these resources, but since so many people asked for them today, I’m publishing them for your convenience.

Slides (via SlideShare)

Code (via GitHub)

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Windows Phone Lab at Tulsa TechFest

My teammate Jeff Blankenburg will be hosting a Windows Phone Development Lab at Tulsa TechFest on Saturday, Oct 8th from 8am-5pm at OSU Tulsa.

The Windows Phone lab is a combination Instructor-Led and Self-Directed lab environment that is designed to help you learn about Windows Phone by building applications instead of just listening to sessions. This hands-on approach has been very successful in building technical chops for those that attend and we’re excited about bringing this lab to Tulsa TechFest. Also on hand will be several Windows Phone experts to help you navigate the labs as well as discuss any ideas for applications you might have, or consult with you on ways to get past any roadblocks you’ve encountered in your own Windows Phone development.

The agenda for the day for the day looks like this:

8:00 am – Check-In

8:45 am – Welcome/Announcements

9:00 am – Instructor-led Lab: Walkthrough building a simple WP7 application

10:00 am – WP7 Hands-on Labs (part 1)

12:00 pm – Lunch

1:00 pm – Glenn Block! Special Keynote!

2:30 pm – WP7 Hands-on Labs (part 2)

5:00 pm – Closing

For more information about the lab, visit the registration site at

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Tulsa School of Dev

Mark your calendars – it's time for the annual Tulsa School of Dev community conference!

May 27, 2011 at 700 N Greenwood Ave in Tulsa, OK

[bingMap location=”700 N Greenwood Ave, Tulsa, OK 74106-0702″ zoom=”13″]

6 Tracks!

36 sessions!

Amazing speakers!

Tons of Prizes!


All it takes to get in is a donation of 2 cans of food for the Oklahoma Food bank – surely you have some extra canned goods lying around that you can bring with you?  You';ll get some great training on the latest mobile, .NET, SQL Server, SharePoint and Java technologies and help your fellow man along the way.

I will be there, speaking on Blend and WPF as well as discussing the latest in Windows Phone 7 (you've heard of Mango by now, haven't you?)

Come join us for a great time by registering today at

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Transforming IT from Virtualization to the Cloud

If you are a developer, you’ve probably heard plenty about the cloud. But if you’re and IT professional, what have you heard about it? How does it intersect with the datacenter? How does it make your job easier – or harder? Is it something that your organization is looking at? Is the cloud something your organization _should_ be looking at but hasn’t really dug into it yet?

Whether we like it or not, the cloud – in all its varied forms – is coming. It’s best for us to be prepared, whether we are developers (see: Windows Azure Boot Camp) or whether we are IT professionals (see: this very post). Because the cloud is coming. We need to get ready for it and how we plan to address it or incorporate it… Or we could be left behind.

To help IT professionals understand what the cloud means to then, starting in March 2011 we launch our new series of TechNet Events, this series focusing on how IT is being transformed into a dynamic, service-based resource for your business. Think not just about things like Virtualization, but consider taking advantage of cloud-like solutions, whether in your own datacenter or hosted elsewhere. After all, choosing the right solution for the right scenario is always critically important.

The Events
Our events will cover three topics. First is cloud computing essentials for IT professionals. Second delves into the public cloud, covering the what, why and how you leverage the public cloud as part of your overall computing and infrastructure strategy. Last we cover the private cloud, again digging into the what, why and how you employ pooled computing resources, automated management, scalability, and on-demand provisioning via on premise resources as opposed to public cloud off premise assets.

The Schedule
Here is our full, 23-city schedule. We launch the series in just a month and run through mid-May 2011. If you live in or near one of these cities, please join us. If you won’t have the opportunity to join us in person, please follow the blogs of our resident cloud computing expert, Kevin Remde, and his peers (Matt Hester, Brian Lewis, and John Weston) to see alternative online options to learn more about cloud computing on premise and off.

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Unleash Your Coding Genius with Web Camps!

Starting in March 2011, we’re rolling out a series of 12 Web Camps in the Central US. Microsoft’s Web Camps are events designed to teach you all about building websites using ASP.NET MVC, WebMatrix, OData and more. We’ve held Web Camps all around the world over the past few years, but we’re taking them to the next level this year with more of one- and two-day events in Central Region, and one just might be near you.

If you’re near Austin, TX or Chicago, IL, you’ll want to join us for a special two-day Web Camp. We’ll cover ASP.NET MVC in-depth on day one and help you get hands-on on day two, facilitating smaller groups through labs, live-coding exercises, or even collaborating on your apps! If you can’t make a two-day event, never fear! We have a series of one-day camps in March, April, May and June throughout the region.

Flair003Join Clark Sell and Brandon Satrom for a special WebMatrix and ASP.NET MVC Web Camp you don’t want to miss. No matter your expertise in web development, these Web Camps are the perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience and ‘unleash your coding genius’.

Our interactive sessions will:

  • Introduce ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Pages and WebMatrix; discuss possible uses of these
  • Explore new features of ASP.NET MVC 3
  • Take a dive deep into jQuery
  • Facilitate an in-depth discussion on when to migrate ASP.NET WebPages applications to ASP.NET MVC
  • Discuss configuration and deployment of web applications.

This event is a unique opportunity, partnering classroom learning with hands-on-labs, and leveraging experts to help you build new and exciting websites.

1-Day Event Agenda:

Start Time Duration Topic
9:00 AM 10’ Welcome and agenda for the day
9:10 AM 50’ Web Stack Introduction
10:00 AM 50’ Building a Site in WebMatrix
10:50 AM 10’ Break
11:00 AM 60’ ASP.NET MVC Introduction
12:00 PM 60’ Lunch
1:00 PM 60’ Migrating from WebMatrix to ASP.NET MVC
2:00 PM 60’ jQuery Introduction
3:00 PM 1.5 hours Instructor-Led Labs
4:30 PM 10’ Evals

Two-Day Event Agenda

Start Time Duration Topic
Day 1
9:00 AM 60’ MVC Fundamentals
10:00 AM 60’ Data Access and Modeling with Entity Framework
11:00 AM 15’ Break
11:15 AM 60’ Metadata, Validation and Localization
12:15 PM 45’ Lunch
1:00 PM 60’ MVC and Ajax, jQuery Templating, jQuery Globalization
2:00 PM 60’ Using Dependency Injection and Global Action Filters
3:00 PM 15’ Break
3:15 PM 60’ Testing and Custom Validation
4:15 PM 45’ Q&A and Evals
Day 2

8:30 AM

2.5 Hours

Smaller Working Groups/Development

11:00 AM 15’ Break
11:15 AM 60’

Smaller Working Groups/Development

12:15 PM 45’ Lunch
1:00 PM 3 Hours Smaller Working Groups/Development
4:00 PM 30’ Q&A and Evals

Locations (Space is limited, so sign up now):

Date City, State Speakers Registration Link

March 7 & 8, 2011

Austin, TX

James Senior, Scott Hanselman, Brandon Satrom, Clark Sell

March 17, 2011

Clive, IA

Javier Lozano

April 27, 2011

Franklin, TN

Brandon Satrom & Clark Sell

April 29, 2011

Columbus, OH

Brandon Satrom & Clark Sell

May 16, 2011

Irving, TX

Brandon Satrom & Clark Sell

May 18, 2011

Little Rock, AR

Brandon Satrom & Clark Sell

May 20, 2011

St. Louis, MO

Brandon Satrom & Clark Sell

May 24, 2011

Brookfield, MN

Brandon Satrom & Clark Sell

May 25, 2011

Waukesha, WI

Brandon Satrom & Clark Sell

May 26 & 27, 2010

Chicago, IL

Brandon Satrom & Clark Sell

June 2, 2011

Southfield, MI

Clark Sell

June 2, 2011

Tulsa, OK

Brandon Satrom

All of the above registration links can be found in this link bundle as well:  Of course balloons on a map are cool too:

Space is limited so sign up now.