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Want to be a Microsoft Evangelist?

We’ve got an opening on our team!

If you live in the Columbus or Cincinnati, Ohio area and are interesting in joining a fun team with great people and challenging work, being a Technical Evangelist is for you!

More details at the job posting site, but here are the posted qualifications:

  • 8+ years of experience writing code. Expertise in iOS, Android and/or Windows app and/or game development and/or experience shipping a product is preferred.
  • Publication of at least 1 app or game to a mobile marketplace.
  • Experience in a broad set of developer technologies including Windows 8, Windows Phone and HTML5/CSS/JavaScript, or similar competitive technologies.
  • Ability to communicate concepts and code in a concise and instructive manner in writing and as a technical presenter.
  • Passion for technology with solid knowledge of enterprise global IT requirements and competitive offerings required.
  • The strong candidate will have deep involvement with their local or regional developer community either as an MVP, User Group Leader, or active community speaker/blogger.
  • A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science preferred.

Ready for a change? Willing to take a chance? Apply today!

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Windows 8 Certification Tips

My teammate in Ann Arbor, Jennifer Marsman, recently published a blog series on tips for getting your Windows 8 application through the certification process. In the series, she the common problems developers run into when submitting their applications to the Windows 8 Store for certification, and gives some great tips on how to avoid them all together.

Common certification errors when submitting to the Windows Store

1.2 App must be fully functional

3.8 App must meet the basic performance criteria

4.1 App must comply with privacy requirements

6.5 App must be localized

If you read these, and follow her suggestions, you’ll have a much easier time getting your app through the certification process and out onto the Windows Store!

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Microsoft DevRadio: Community Corner – How I created my Windows 8 app for UserGroup.tv

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Dev Radio: Community Corner

I had the great pleasure recently to interview Microsoft C# MVP Shawn Weisfeld as part of the Microsoft DevRadio show to hear about the Windows 8 app he built for UserGroup.tv. Tune in and listen to this great story as Shawn describes his experience building the app and how you can watch great user group created content anywhere, anytime.

Next Steps:

Subscribe to our podcast via iTunes, Zune, or RSS

 If you’re interested in learning more about the products or solutions discussed in this episode, click on any of the below links for free, in-depth information:



 Virtual Labs:


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Looking for a User Group?

Then I know the place to go!

For a while now, I’ve been maintaining a list of User Groups that meet in my part of the world – TX, OK, LA and AR.  It’s not a comprehensive list (at least I’m pretty sure it’s not) but I’d like it to be.  It’s essentially a listing of all the user groups I know about, or have heard rumors about that I can find online in my four-state area.  Not to be confused with Community Megaphone, this site is not about events or meetings – it’s about groups.  And, it’s not just about .NET groups – it’s about any technical community user group that meets. There are .NET/Microsoft-friendly groups for sure, but also Linux groups, PHP groups, Node.JS groups, iOS groups, Android groups and others too.

Where do you find it?



Current features include:

  • Monthly calendar of events showing all user groups
  • Listing of all user groups, by state
  • Details on each user group including meeting location w/ map, upcoming meeting dates/times, group contact and recurring schedule information
  • Map of all user groups

Planned features include:

  • API for querying groups
  • iCal support for one group, some groups, or all groups
  • Blog/Website badges for one group, some groups, or all groups
  • Support for more complex meeting schedules
  • Integration with CommunityMegaphone (presuming I can do some sort of match on user group name, or something)

Apart from these features, and a bit of a face-lift, the new site needs more data! If you know about any groups in your area that are NOT on my list, please drop me a line at southcentralcommunity@live.com with at least the following info:

  1. Group Name
  2. Website
  3. Meeting Day (e.g. 3rd Monday, or 2nd Thursday)
  4. Meeting Times (start/stop)
  5. Contact Name / Email
  6. Meeting Location Name & Address (+phone, if you have it).

Me and my crack team of data entry clerks (a.k.a. my daughter) will get this information posted just as fast as we can. Also, if you see any data errors, especially meeting times/nights – please also let me know that ASAP and I’ll get that fixed up.

Lastly, if you’re interested in helping out with any of the planned changes, or making it look more pleasing than the default template from MVC 4, I’d love to get your help…

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Windows Azure Resources

Similar to what I did with Windows Phone, I’ve created a page to host a bunch links to some useful Windows Azure resources.

This list is NOT meant to be a comprehensive list of all things Azure, but is intended instead to be a living organism that grows and matures over time. I will do my best to keep it fed and well nourished, but if there are things that you think are missing, or would like to see here, then drop me a line and let me know.

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Windows 8 App Excellence Labs

Windows 8 with Metro-style applications offers one of the biggest opportunities for developers in a very long time. As a Windows Phone developer, you are uniquely positioned to be able to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new platform!

If you have built a Windows Phone 7 application, you already have most of the needed knowledge to bring the app to Windows 8.  Get your app ready and attend one of the 100s of free Application Excellence Labs that DPE and Windows are holding around the world so you can be among the first  developers who get to submit to the store early!

Our store services are ramping up as planned–and of course the plan includes ramping up developer registrations to enable app submissions to the Windows store. Today, you need an invite “token” to register. This begs the question – How can YOU get a token?

Register TODAY!

Follow these steps to get invited to an App Excellence lab:

  1. Contact me at chris.koenig@microsoft.com for instructions on how I can nominate your app for an Excellence Lab.
  2. Create a really great Windows 8 Metro style app (or game) immediately. Get it as ready as if you were submitting it to the store.

Resources to help bring your Windows Phone app to Windows 8

Microsoft has already provided some great resources that you may want to look to learn how you can move your Windows Phone applications to the Windows 8 platform:

Additionally, there will be two online workshops to give the additional knowledge to move you app over.

FREE Online Workshops

These FREE half-day ONLINE workshops will provide you an overview getting from Windows Phone to Windows 8.  Leveraging your XAML and .NET skills, these workshops will introduce the fundamentals of developing Windows 8 Metro-style applications, tips for migrating your Windows Phone applications, and guidance on Metro UX. Technical experts will be on hand to address your questions, discuss your existing Windows Phone applications, and help get you started on developing your applications on Windows 8 and getting them into the Windows Store.

Option One
Date May 16th, 2012

Events run from 8:30am to 12:30pm CST

Option Two
Date May 18th, 2012

Events run from 8:30am to 12:30pm CST

Questions? Let me know and I’ll do what I can to help.

Now go out there and build some amazing apps!

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Have an idea for a Windows Phone Starter Kit?

If you do, we now have a place for you to submit your ideas for others to see and vote on!

This morning I established a User Voice site for Windows Phone Starter Kit Ideas – you can find it at the following url:


User Voice is a great feedback system that allows companies (or initiatives, like this one) to capture feedback from their customers in a prioitizable way – each suggestion can be “up-voted” by others as well as commented on. I have put one suggestion out there, based on some emails I’ve already received, but I need your help to populate this list with more ideas for future starter kits. I can’t guarantee that we’ll build them all – but you can! If you’re really passionate about your idea, then we can work together to get something built and deployed as part of this initiative.

Keep the lines of communication open, and building applications for Windows Phone will contiue to get easier and easier 🙂