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The Mango Marketplace

Something that hasn’t gotten as much attention as I expected it would was a slide shown by Todd Brix from the Windows Phone Marketplace team about upcoming additions (read: Improvements) to the Windows Phone Marketplace distribution capabilities during the Mango timeframe. 

Here’s a screen cap of the slide from his talk at MIX11:


What Todd is showing us here is that when these changes are released, there will be essentially three distribution channels for Windows Phone applications:

  • Public Distribution Service – this is the existing marketplace you’ve all come to know and love. There are some great things coming in the Mango timeframe related to the discoverability of applications, the new Application Details page, and improved search relevance, but this will still be the primary distribution channel from whence most of us will get our software.
  • Beta Distribution Service – this is a new offering that allows developers to distribute pre-certified applications to an access-controlled set of beta users.  Right now, the team is thinking that limit will be capped at 100 users and limit the evaluation period to 90 days.  The goal, of course, is to enable users to effectively test these application and provide any important feedback. 
  • Private Distribution Service – this is another new offering that will allow developers to distribute certified applications privately to a targeted set of users. There is no scheduled time expiration or limit to the number of users; the developer controls access to the software by sending out download links.

The last 2, of course, are the most interesting ones.  Firstly, they both share one important distinction that differentiates them from the public distribution service option:  the applications in the Beta/Private channels are NOT discoverable via search.  Instead, developers will send a “deeplink” to the users with whom they wish to share the application.

For those who are unfamiliar, Here’s an example of a deeplink:

Clicking on this link from your desktop computer or laptop will launch the Zune client and take you to the details page for the application (in my case, the Random Number Generator application).  If you click this link from an email or the browser on your Windows Phone device, it will take you straight to the Windows Phone Marketplace Details page for that application and allow you to install it straight away.

Second, although the beta distribution channel is access controlled by a finite set of Windows Live IDs (up to 100), the "private" channel provides only link obscurity to keep prying hands off your application.  From what I can tell, anyone who gets their hands on the deeplink for an app hosted through the private distribution channel can download and install the application without restriction. 

This NOT the Enterprise Marketplace that many enterprise developers have been asking for, but it is a giant leap in the right direction, allowing for some finer-grained control over who gets access to your applications and for potentially how long.

For more information about these announcements, please watch Todd’s session at MIX11 (Making Money with your Application on Windows Phone) or you can watch it right here with my nifty HTML5 (or Silverlght) video player, courtesy of the wonderful folks at Channel9:

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Getting ready for MIX11

Mix0321_220_ch9[1]The cool dudes and dudettes at Channel9 have started a series of videos leading us up to MIX 11. Each video is only about 10 minutes long, and they’ve got some interesting sounding topics. AS of this post, here are the titles with links to the sessions

Click on these links to see the individual shows, or you can subscribe to their channel to stay up-to-date.

SO – visit the Channel9 site and watch these videos, get all pumped up for MIX11, and visit and get your registration complete!  I’ll see you there Smile

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MIX11 BootCamps


This year at MIX11 the team is hosting a series of BootCamp events to help jumpstart and supercharge your development skillz. For a mere $350, you can get in-depth knowledge about some of the latest technologies from some of the smartest folks on the planet.  Here’s the schedule for Monday, April 11:

  • HTML5/CSS3 Boot Camp – Stephanie Sullivan (W3Conversions)
  • Design, Content, Code: Start-to-finish – Roman Blagovirnyy , Tony Walt, Chad Bakeman, Anthony Franco, and Cindy Vanover (Effective UI)
  • Silverlight 5 Boot Camp – John Papa (Microsoft), Mike Taulty (Microsoft)
  • Cloud Boot Camp – To Be Announced
  • jQuery Boot Camp – Joe Marini (Microsoft)
  • HTML5 Canvas Mastery – Lanny McNie (Microsoft), Shawn Blais (Microsoft)
  • Windows Phone 7 Boot Camp – Grant Hinkson (Microsoft), Adam Kinney (Pixel Lab)
  • Silverlight for SharePoint Boot Camp – Paul Stubbs (Microsoft)

For more information about the BootCamps, or anything else about MIX11, visit the website at

I’m still not sure if I’m going to be able to make it to MIX this year, but if I do, I’ll definitely be attending the sessions. Of particular interest to me are the HTML5/CSS2 and Silverlight 5 sessions…