Couple of quick announcements about the Starter Kits I’ve been working on over the past year:

First, I just made an update tonight to the Windows Phone Starter Kit for Schools (a.k.a. the Windows Phone Starter Kits for Schools, Organizations, Teams, Clubs, and Just About Everything Else). Since Google recently decided to discontinue their Weather API, I needed to find another source. I was using Bing originally, but the Bing API requires developers to pay a subscription fee to access the API after the first 5,000 transactions. Instead, today I switched over to a free Weather API from World Weather Online allows for developers to get a free account providing current conditions as well as (up to) a 5-day forecast.  For this starter kit, that would fit perfectly! I made the updates tonight in both the GitHub repository as well as the MSDN Code Gallery so you can get it from either place.

Second, I’ve been getting a LOT of questions about Starter Kits for Windows 8. Many people have asked if there are any plans to create Win8 versions of all the existing Starter Kits. So far, there has not been any plans, but I think I might be persuaded to start working on some, if I could find some interested community members to work with me.  The primary ones to move over would be the Starter Kit for Schools and the Starter Kit for RSS, as those are the 2 most popular Starter Kits of the bunch. There are quite a few bits that would need to change considering the new UX with Windows 8 Store Apps, but I think it’s perfectly manageable in a relatively short period of time. After all – these are starter kits/sample code – not completed applications. There is every expectation that people will need to make additional customizations as well as UI updates before submitting the applications for publication. If you are interested in helping out with this, please let me know and we can get to work straight away! There might even be a prize in it for you for getting the code completed and published 🙂