SharePoint Rockstar Mark Rackley (a.k.a the SharePoint Hillbilly) is planning a free, one day SharePoint Saturday event in Branson, MO on Sept 8, 2012!

More details can be found at and you can register today at

For those new to the world of SharePoint events, SharePoint Saturday is an international conference series that is put on my local community leaders and influencers. This year’s conference will be held at Chateau on the Lake in Branson, and the resort is discounting their room rate to $129 for conference attendees.

So far the conference boasts 30 speakers; 8 of which are SharePoint MVP’s and one SharePoint MCM (Certified Master). More than 30% of the speakers have authored books on SharePoint and the Keynote will be done by the former SharePoint Product Manager from Microsoft and a current Microsoft employee who will be talking about SharePoint 13. In addition, there is a special track planned that is for people brand new to SharePoint so they can learn what it is, what you can do with it, and help them figure out if SharePoint is the right tool for their business or the right career path.

So if SharePoint is in your present or will be in your future, SharePoint Saturday Ozarks will be the place to be this September!