My peer over in Japan released a new project on CodePlex this morning called the Windows Phone Icons Maker. From the web site:

This project makes multple icons necessary to build and publish Windows Phone Application.

When you build and register Windows Phone Application to Maketplace, you have to make 4 size of square Icons as bellow. Windows Phone Icons Maker makes these Icon files from single image. You can load image, trim it, and save Icons.

It’s a free tool that you can download and run from any PC that will generate the following images:

  • For Marketplace
    • 200×200: AppName200.png
    • 173×173: AppName173.png
    • 99×99: AppName99.png
  • For Application
    • 173×173: Background.png
    • 62×62: ApplicationIcon.png

It’s functions are very rudimentary and there is room for improvement (e.g. you have to re-draw your selection box instead of moving the selection) but it totally works like a champ for generating all the icon imagry that you need for your Windows Phone application.  Download it and give it a try!

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