I’m pleased to announce the release of the first two Windows Phone Starter Kit samples from the MSDN Code Gallery! The goal of the Starter Kits project is to provide sample application templates that can be easily configured and customized by Windows Phone developers to help jumpstart their development efforts towards an ultimate goal of publishing their applications in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

This release includes the first to Starter Kits:

Windows Phone Starter Kit for WordPress
This starter kit is designed to make it really easy to turn a WordPress site into a Windows Phone application. The sample code includes a WordPress Plugin and application features that give the user the ability to view posts, view comments associated to the posts, and add their own comments. The starter kit is targeted at new Windows Phone developers that are looking for an application that is driven completely by online content that they control.

Windows Phone Starter Kit for Schools
Based on the popular MySchoolApp CodePlex project, this starter kit is targeted at schools, teams, clubs and other organizations that want to get a themed application up and running quickly. The default theme is targeted at schools, but is easily customized through some configuration settings and a couple of new images. The content is driven primarily by RSS feeds, and includes map and “points of interest” features that are also easily customized.

There are download links for zip files from each of the Code Gallery pages, and the source code for these applications are currently hosted on GitHub (see the individual project pages on MSDN Code Gallery for their locations) licensed under the MS-LPL, as it is our intent that anyone can have the opportunity to contribute to these starter kits to make them better and more valuable over time.

This announcement represents what we hope will be only the beginning of the Windows Phone Starter Kit effort. Please provide feedback on these starter kits so that we can address any issues you encounter and do everything we can to make them better for the future – they’re not perfect, but with your help we can make them closer! Also – if you have ideas for new starter kits, please send me an note and let’s discuss getting a project off the ground.

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