My friends over on the Windows Phone team are pleased to announce today’s release of the Windows Phone 7 “Mango” beta tools release! Loads of new and exciting stuff coming in these updated tools – here’s a slice from the announcement:

Support for the Windows Phone OS 7.1 – Build mobile apps that take advantage of the latest innovations the upcoming Windows Phone OS, including:

  • Additional sensors (camera; compass; gyro)
  • Background Agents
  • Fast Application Switching
  • IE9 Web Browser Control
  • Live Agents, making use of live tile and notification enhancements
  • Silverlight 4
  • Silverlight / XNA Interop
  • Sockets
  • SQL CE
  • And much, much more!

Profiler – A profiler allows you to identify and resolve performance problems quickly and easily.

Improved Emulator – The WPDT 7.1 emulator allows you to emulate provide sensor input, including feeding GPS information and accelerometer data.

Visual Basic – The WPDT 7.1 release provides in-the-box support for Visual Basic. With WPDT 7.1, you can now use Visual Basic to build Silverlight projects, XNA projects, and within both Visual Studio and Expression Blend.

Multi-targeting – The final release of WPDT 7.1 lets you specify the version of the Windows Phone OS that will run your app. This allows you to continue to develop your apps that target the Windows Phone OS 7.0, or target the new ‘Mango’ release. Because the WPDT provides a multi-targeting capability, the beta installation will replace an existing WPDT 7.0 installation. All of your existing projects and code that target Windows Phone OS 7.0 will remain on your box, and can be continued to be developed using the 7.1 tools.

Please note that for this release of WPDT 7.1, these are beta tools. While you are able to develop, test, and submit apps to the Marketplace – these tools have not been completely tested and you may encounter bugs; you should continue to develop and test your Windows Phone OS 7.0 apps using the released WPDT 7.0 tooling.

Here are some resources to help get you started building the next generation of Windows Phone applications:


  • WPDT 7.1 Beta Download – Download page for developers to download the beta tools.
  • Windows Phone Developer Blog – News and information about all things Windows Phone development happen on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.
  • Windows Phone sessions @ MIX11 – MIX11 provided 25 sessions on Windows Phone development, the recordings of which are available online for streaming or download. This provides a wealth of information for developers looking to come up to speed on what’s new in ‘Mango’.
  • App Hub – The App Hub is the single developer portal for the Windows Phone developer – providing registration, education, app submission and analytics, and support resources.

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