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Windows Phone 7 with Expression Blend

imageDuring Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch events, I hosted a 1/2 day Hands-on-Lab where we walked through building a Windows Phone 7 application in Silverlight from the ground-up using Expression Blend and Visual Studio 2010.  I got lot of great comments about the session, and several requests for video recordings of the session so that people could watch it over and over again to learn the basics of building applications.  I have now tried to faithfully recreate that session over on a new video I posted this morning to Channel 9:

Windows Phone 7 with Expression Blend

I took out all of the MVVM-type stuff we talked about in the session and will save that for a future episode.  For now, we’re just doing the basics of building up a Twitter Viewer application based on the original sample that Scott Guthrie posted on his blog, and enhanced by Jeff Blankenberg during a bunch of his WP7 talks.  What I add is integrating Expression Blend to do some of the design work as well as Design Time Data.

I welcome your viewership as well as you comments and suggestions for future topics.  Right now, I am planning 2 more (similar) videos:

  • MVVM in Windows Phone 7 with MVVM Light
  • MVVM in Windows Phone 7 with Prism 4.0

If you have other ideas that would lend themselves well to video, let me know and I’ll work on cranking them out.

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