Microsoft Announces WebMatrix Beta


Released in beta form today, Microsoft WebMatrix provides everything a developer needs to get started developing web applications on the Microsoft technology stack. Included in the package are a development web server called IIS Developer Express, SQL Server Compact for easily building databases that support your website, and a rich publishing tool that allows you to easily get your applications published to the web.

WebMatrix also include support for the new Razor inline markup syntax.  Intended to simplify your development, Razor requires much fewer keystrokes than ASP.NET and is well suited for inline markup.  Here’s a short example of Razor to whet your appetite:

  var db = Database.OpenFile("SmallBakery.sdf");
  var selectQueryString = "SELECT * FROM Products ORDER BY Name";
@foreach (var row in db.Query(selectQueryString)) {

All of this, plus an outstanding Application Gallery, is available TODAY in Beta form.  Jump over right now to and get your copy today! I would also recommend that you download the WebMatrix PDF Book to help you learn the Razor syntax – pretty good introduction and it’s free to download!

One thought on “Microsoft Announces WebMatrix Beta

  1. This is a brilliant strategy from Microsoft to compete for the small web site builders currently on the LAMP stack. Including PHP and mySQL support gives them the bridge they need to consider hosting on Windows. People who have already invested in learning Linux and VI won't switch, but those who are secretly struggling with the tools might take a look.

    I'm looking forward to teaching my daughter about the web using this suite, and to leveraging WebMatrix at the next Give Camp.

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