Announcing Windows Embedded Handheld

For those of you building Windows Mobile applications today for your enterprises, and have been waiting patiently for information on our plans around the future of the Compact Framework, you’re long wait is over.

Enter Windows Embedded Handheld and Windows Embedded Compact 7!

Windows Embedded

Here’s a short video announcement from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer:


And here are a few choice quotes from the press release issued on our PressPass website today:

“Microsoft is making several key investments in the enterprise handheld device market, including the new Windows Embedded Handheld brand”

“ The first release under the brand is scheduled to come this calendar year and build on the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform.”

“Windows Embedded will continue to support developer tools used in building applications and experiences on today’s devices, including Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Forms”

“investments in existing enterprise LOB applications will also be protected.”

“An updated Windows Embedded Handheld platform based on Windows 7 technologies (Windows Embedded Compact 7) will be released in the second half of calendar year 2011…”

This is great news for enterprises that are already heavily invested in WM6x and are looking to make the most out of their current investments.  I know that many of my customers, including one I met with today, have multiple WM applications, and will be happy to learn how their applications can be extended into the future…

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