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How Do I: Test Impact Analysis in Visual Studio 2010

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I used to work for a company that bragged that their flagship application had over 40,000 unit tests (no joke). I asked them if they had a CI process, and they looked at me funny. One of the reasons, they said, was that running a build with all the tests took way too long to run very frequently. It’s too bad their application wasn’t developed in .NET using Visual Studio 2010 so that they could take advantage of Test Impact Analysis. This new feature analyzes the code changes developers make and selects only the unit tests that have been impacted by the code change. The developer is free to choose between a subset of tests (those that need to be run based on the code changes made) or run the entire suite of tests for all-up testing. This short video will give you an overview of Test Impact Analysis and show you how to configure it in your Visual Studio 2010 Solution.

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